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On this blog I want to update you with longer posts and more pictures from tours that does not get posted on Facebook/Instagram.

I will also try to give a little insight on food and living while being on tour.
Now I´m currently on tour with VOLA from Copenhagen, as support for Katatonia.

DAY 4: Frankfurt

GermanyPosted by Simen Sandnes Thu, September 29, 2016 01:20:33
We got a new bus! And the bunks are even bigger and better than the last bus, but for some reason I slept really bad. I also got a really stuffy nose, which sucks but I can´t complain! Woke up for around 11 had a good breakfast once again we had two chefs who made us some serious good food! Thank you for making the touring life easy.

I had some vegetable soup, bread and fruit for breakfast. It was so good.
You don´t realize how important good and healthy food is before you go on tour. Pushing your body everyday way over the normal, and then not eat properly will destroy you in no time. So happy with the vegetarian options we have had so far on the tour.

Between breakfast to dinner I just went around eating snacks, drinking coffee, salat and bread with some curry/pineapple topping. Was so good!


Then it was off to soundcheck. Had awesome sound, and the drums sounded HUGE!

Thanks to this guy for AWESOME monitor sound. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Asger during soundcheck!

For dinner I had Nutsteak, broccoli, carrots, red cabbage and potatoes. Was awesome. With sparkling water and soy milk!
Show went good, screwed up two things kind of big time, but don´t think to many people noticed. Thank you sheet music :-D

I´m off! Good night :D

<3 <3
- Simen Sandnes

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